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The Best Way to Find Skilled Construction Workers
Post Once. Publish Everywhere.
Publish up to 50+ job boards with a single job posting...for one low price.
Post Once. Publish Everywhere
When you post your job with us, your job is published on up to 50+ job boards where construction workers search – even Craigslist.
Reach Job Seekers with Job Alert Emails
We send Job Alerts to our Service Pro members who have the trade skills that match your job posting and are located close to your job sites zip code.
Maximize Your Reach with Social Recruiting
Leverage the power of social networking through social recruiting. Your job posting is immediately published on social networking sites facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
We’re Your Company Headhunter
We’re not just a job board, we’re a social employment network. Our member care team has some serious headhunting skills. Let’s face it, the best job candidates are probably working and not looking for a job. We find them and send them your way.
Promote Branding with Your Company Logo
There’s a lot of competition when it comes recruiting the best people. Build your brand with every job posting by including your company logo. Construction job seekers are skeptical, so show them your company is serious about business,
Custom Company Career Page
When you create your free account with ServiceProsOnDemand.com we provide your company with a Careers page. Simply link to this page and job seekers can apply directly from your website.
Trade Skills Assessment on Every Applicant
Every applicant is assessed on 42 construction trade skills and over 500 individual skills.
View and Share Standard Formatted Resumes
We help your job candidates build their construction resume, so every resume has the same standard format. Easily share resumes within your organization.
Applicant Tracking and OnBoarding
Each applicant is scored according to their match probability to your job. Easily track and manage applicants through the entire onboarding process
Applicant Ratings, Reviews and References
We provide an easy process for applicants to collect and share ratings, reviews and references from former employers, customers and co-workers.
Private Message Board and Video Interview
Easily manage your communication with applicants through the Private Message Board. Only share your contact information and business email address when applicants move further down your hiring funnel.
Integrated Criminal Background Checks
When it’s time to on-board your applicant, quickly run criminal background checks from inside your dashboard. No data entry – just a couple clicks of the mouse – because all the required applicant data is integrated into the system.
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